sculpture on main - Marble Falls, TX

White Stardust

Born in Yokosuka, Japan, Elizabeth has lived and worked in Texas for over 25 years.  Her MFA is from Southern Illinois University.  She has been the head of the sculpture programs at two Texas state universities and is now a full-time artist working in Nacogdoches (where her husband is head of  the Ceramics Department Stephen F. Austin State University).  I think Elizabeth’s own words say it best:

My heart and soul are presently dedicated to the creation of sculptures that are made of lacy intersecting planes of welded steel.  These pieces, which I call “Stardusts”, are a metaphor for the human condition, which is a complex union of the opposing forces of fragility and strength.

Just as the lacy planes of steel that compose my work are juxtaposed, we as people are interdependent, woven in a complex web of interconnected forces.

The stardust form is inspired by a rock formation commonly known as a desert rose.  This rock can be found throughout the high plains of Mexico  all the way to the grand mountains of the Rockies.  I love the history that it captures and the reference to the delicate flower.  The desert rose is both strong as a rock and delicate as a flower.

Artist: Elizabeth Akamatsu

Steel & Paint 72”w x 50”d x 60”h

Price: $29,000

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