sculpture on main - Marble Falls, TX

Vini Cultura

Cassandra’s sculptural works are created primarily from steel and stone, with crystalline minerals ensconced in metal, offering the suggestion of forms reminiscent of those in nature. A passion for color is reflected in the minerals and patinas used, often inspired by botanical and ocean imagery.

Born into a foundry and raised by two art professor parents, Cassandra learned the logistics of sculpture and casting from wax into metal and other media from early childhood. As featured artist in three art magazines, and recipient of many sculpture awards, Cassandra’s art has shown in galleries throughout the Southwest, in various public outdoor sculpture installations across Texas

This vine sculpture with a large citrine crystal seed celebrates the culture of wine, so prominent in the Texas hill country. It was designed to stand on its own purely as art. (But secretly has a dual purpose as functional sculpture; for backyard wine parties it turns into a display for the host’s wine being served that evening, as seen in photo.) For the purpose of this installation, it Serves purely as non-functional sculptural art.

Artist: Cassandra Fink Anderson

Powder-Coated Steel
with Citrine Crystal

Price: $4,550

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