sculpture on main - Marble Falls, TX

Miss Olive

Born in 1954 in Austin Texas, Cat Quintanilla attended public school and then earned her Bachelor in fine Art from the University of Texas in 81. After working for 25 years as a graphic designer, raising a family and serving 9 years in elected office as a council member and as a small town mayor, Cat’s journey in life has led to a love of art and sculpture.  Cat is now working full time in her Central Texas carving studio producing large and small-scale natural stone sculptures. Cat’s goal is to create playful and engaging sculptures that intellectualize her visually morphed statements that are the nexus of natural forms and abstract thinking. In addition to her sculptures receiving recognitions in a number of Texas cities, Cat was honored as an outstanding Texas woman artist and community leader in the Austin History Center 101 VOCES DE LATINAS program. Cat’s most recent works include her colorful alabaster and marble “Bio-Morph Fusions” and “Earth Vessels” along with her “Gentle Giants” limestone carvings that grace public and private art spaces in a number of Central Texas Cities!

Art…is an opportunity for a shared human experience. 

That art even exists is a reflection of society’s respect for the exercise of abstract thinking and is a celebration of the playful, universal and historical appeal of “all things beautiful”. 

 My work pulls from many visual troves including but not limited to universal forms found in nature and abstract yet hauntingly familiar icons from generations past.  My work seeks to evoke a gentle rainbow of emotional responses and a curiosity and wonder for the medium of stone.

Artist: Cat Quintanilla

Texas Crème Limestone
2’w x 1’d x 2’h

Price: $7,500

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